Why pay someone (like us) Instead of building Your business Website yourself?

Oh, so many reasons... but let's just focus on our personal Top 3

To be blunt, we are REALLY good at this shhh-stuff. And, well... you aren't.

Look, we aren't trying to be jerks, but that's why you're here, right? We have been in the web design trenches since 1995. Now, we're web geeks, not math geeks. But we are pretty sure that if you take the current year and subtract 1995 from it... it equals a LONG freakin' time! 

If you're one of those people who are really on the ball and can supply content quickly, we can have your website up and running in less than a week. Your new business website be super sexy and impress your customers, load insanely fast, work flawlessly on mobile devices, be safe & secure from those pesky hackers, and kick your competitions ass!

You wear too many hats as it is and (should) have better things to do with your time... like running your company!

Like most small businesses, you are the Owner, President & CEO, General Manager, Accounting Manager, the Director of HR, Head of Sales, Logistics Coordinator... and probably the secretary and janitor all rolled into one. Do you really want to add Marketing Manager & Creative Director to your resume just to save a couple of bucks? 

Deep down, you know $349 is actually a smokin' deal for a website investment.

Be honest... you don't really want to build your own website, and that's probably why you're here, reading this. 

Time is money and you have better things to do with it. 

Here's a quick exercise to save you time and money. Grab a piece of paper and write down what your currently hourly rate is... it's important. Then, let's say you set out to build your own website for free using a solution like Wix. Take into account the time to go through all of the hundreds of templates, trying to find the perfect one. Then, add in the time to learn how to use their "easy" builder to replace all of the dummy text, images, graphics, etc with your own. 

Optimistically, it may only take you 3 weeks to finish (it's actually more in the 4-6 week realm)... but what could you have done with all of that "free" time you used to build your site? 

Remember that piece of paper where you wrote down your hourly rate? Now, multiple that number by the number of hours you think you will spend building your website. If the total is greater than $349, you may want to rethink the DIY route.
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