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Your new Small business website comes with everything you need

Now, you can get your business online, quick, easy, and on the cheap!
Your new business website comes with all the best features, like a HOME PAGE and the following...

About Page

Tell your business' unique story to your customers with a detailed "about us". Prominently display photos of your location, your mission statement, why you opened your business, highlight your employees, and more!

Services Page

Go into further detail about your various products and services that you offer. Do you offer business consulting or do you sell a product? Either way, you can show off how amazing you are with photo (or video) proof on your work as well as posting rave happy customer reviews!

Contact Form

The contact portions of your website will boldly display your address and location on a map, any social media links, days/hours of operation, various contact numbers, email addresses, and a contact form.
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Packed with the best features

The Perfect Layout

Your new business website is built using WordPress and designed to the unique needs of your industry, SEO requirements, and the actions you’d like your audience to take.

Deliver Content Quickly

Using properly scaled images, and no-bloat website code, your website is guaranteed to deliver content to your audience lightning fast!

Security Measures

We monitor your website to make sure that everything is up-to-date, protected, and running smoothly. If anything ever goes awry, restoring your website is just a click away.

Mobile Friendly

Our business website builder specializes in responsive design, which means that your new website will not only look and function amazing, but will also load lightning fast on mobile devices.

Cool 3rd Party Integrations

Easily upgrade your website to include video feeds, real-time testimonials, social media feeds, chatbots, appointment booking, and more.

A Hassle-Free Experience

Time is money and building a website can take months. Your website can be built and online in less than a week saving you time and frustration.

3 reasons you should hire us to build your business website

We are really good at what we do
We have been in the web design trenches since 1995. If you're one of those people who are really on the ball and can supply content quickly, we can have your website up and running in less than a week. Your new business website is guaranteed to look super sexy, impress your customers, load insanely fast, work flawlessly on mobile devices, be safe & secure from those pesky hackers, and kick your competitions ass!
You already wear too many hats
Like most small businesses, you probably already the: Owner, President & CEO, General Manager, Accounting Manager, Director of HR, Head of Sales, Logistics Coordinator, Secretary, and even the Janitor all rolled into one. Do you really want to add Marketing Manager & Creative Director to your resume just to save a couple of bucks?
Deep down, you don't really want to build your website
Time is money and you have better things to do with it. Here's a quick exercise... take your current hourly rate and multiple that number by the number of hours you think you will spend building your website on your own. If the total is greater than $349, send us a message because we are happy to save you the headache.
"Erik did a terrific job on my website. His professional expertise, clear communication throughout the process, and dedication to customer satisfaction produced results that far exceeded my expectations. His work ethic makes it a pleasure to work with him. I will definitely refer back to him for any other website work I may have in the future."
Tammy Nakahashi
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Hosting & Maintenance

Your new business website will always function at its peak when managed by us. For as little as $49/month, we handle every aspect of your website which allows you to focus on running your business. 


Choose the type of hosting that you need for your business. We offer shared servers for the greatest savings or dedicated servers for enhanced speed, security, and flexibility.

Plugin Updates

WordPress core and its plugins are constantly being updated to add enhanced features as well as to fix bugs and patch security holes. We monitor and handle all updates to make sure your website runs smoothly and is always secure.

Security Measures

We employ several security measures in order to keep hackers at bay. By limiting login attempts, masking the login area, enabling IP blocking and or our WAF, your website content stays safe and secure.


Your website and its content will be optimized from the get-go to make sure it serves up content quickly to your customers. We also keep your database clean tidy all month long by limiting revisions and deleting old entries.

Server Monitoring

We use real-time server monitoring to ensure that if your site ever goes down, we will know about it. Our tool instantly alerts us if there is a problem and we spring into action to fix it.


In the off-chance that your website goes down due to hackers, we take frequent backups to ensure that your website will be back online and as-good-as new in minutes.

Our simple process



The first step in building your new website starts with you filling out our discovery form. Your honest answers help us to learn who your site visitors are, what they need to see and learn, and what actions they will need to take while they’re on your site. This will also help us create your color scheme to create the “look and feel” you want.


Since 75% of your website visitors will judge your business based solely on its design... this is where we shine! We take the information you shared and then carefully build your site. Using your supplied content, brand colors, we design the "look and feel" that will become your new business website. You’ll get a chance to review the site and submit minor edits.


Once the site is designed, real content inserted, and approved... it's time to launch! We also notify search engines that your new business website is online and identify any bugs, broken links, or content tweaks that may appear after the launch of your website. 
We ensure the entire process is extremely easy, quick, affordable, and low stress.

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